Posted by: Natalie | February 21, 2010

Sunday Sulking

Welcome to the start of my boyless week! I got up early for a Sunday (6.10am) and promptly had to get out of the house to remove the snow from my car, then get myself, and Steve to Birmingham airport – he’s in Canada until next Monday. So I am sulking.

I think every relationship needs some time apart every now and again, if for nothing else but to re-affirm how much you hate being apart! Whenever I have to leave him at an airport I feel sick. I know he’s safe and he’ll be home soon, but I still don’t like it. I spend the days waiting for the excited feeling of his homecoming to kick in.

So what do I do in the mean time? Well, business as usual. I will be working on my stories, trying not to get rejected, watch some naff TV, read my books, sew. But, my favourite thing to do is cook and eat food I don’t normally have when Steve is home – things like macaroni cheese, tuna bakes, moussaka! Its a way of telling myself that this is my time, enjoy it! It tends to work as far as the days go, but come the evening I am bored rigid!!!! It was during one of these weeks a few years ago, that the lovely Erika invited me to the pub for the first time to help alleviate the tedium. We have been firm friends since!

So, by trying to turn these weeks into positive experiences has, in the past, worked in my favour. There is no point sitting pining for him to come home – that’s just a bit pathetic! So this weeks plans include my mum coming down to stay (Yey!!!), Cath coming over for a PJ night of food and DVDs, and a visit to an old Uni friend in Manchester.  All good things.

But for today, its a duvet day and allowing time to feel a little sorry for myself at the loss of my right arm. I know my life would be fine if he had never been here, I would still find a happiness, but I choose him to be in my life, to keep my world turning, to enrich it in a way that only he can. He is my best friend, my boy. I love him dearly and wish his speedy and safe return home.

Soppyness? Done.




  1. Awww poor Nat! Everybody needs a bit of soppiness – I tend to sulk on Dave’s darts evenings and usually end up going to bed early just to avoid moping.


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