Posted by: Natalie | February 19, 2010

Word of the Day

I like the history of this one .  . .


Word Origins:

This is a lovely tale. Once upon a time there lived an Arab Prince, his name was Attab. He was a wonderful Prince, much loved by the people of Baghdad that they renamed the town around his palace to, Al-attabiya. It was here that the people of Baghdad came to work to make textiles and cloth with which to clothe Attab’s people. These fabrics were known as attabi. Many years after the prince’s death, the people of France inherited the word, but changed it to tabis to describe a rich silk material. The Englishmen copied everything the French did at that time (17th Century), trying their hardest to be European and at the height of fashion. Soon the tabby silk material was incredibly popular with the rich men of our country, their waistcoats all made from the same fabric. The most popular design of this Tabby Silk was stripes. The ladies and others around the rich men laughed that they looked like fat stripy cats, with their large stomachs standing out from all the others. So much so, that in the 1660s the first descriptions of Tabby Cats were mentioned.

Urban Dictionary Definitions:

  1. a soon to be lover
  2. Insane, crazy, unstable

Nat’s Definition:

  • Something a bit like the pieces of card sticking out of pages in my folder.
  • Something a bit like a fizzy American drink.
  • Something a bit like a cigarette butt.


  1. well you learn something new every day.

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