Posted by: Natalie | February 18, 2010

Word of the Day

One for my boy. . .


Word Origins: are pretty unclear. The first known usage of the word was used to describe the Great Auk, a now extinct bird, in the 1570’s. It was thought that it might derive from the Welsh pen gwyn which means ‘white head’, but the auk – and most penguins – traditionally have mainly black covered heads!! So, maybe not! Records from the end of the 16th Century suggest that these flightless birds were found on Penguin Island off Newfoundland. There is the potential that the word penguin derives from the island’s description of ‘white (snow covered) headland’.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. An extremely cool bird that will kill all who do not absolutly love it and has the potential to invent space travel and wish to establish a colony on Pluto.
  2. A small, black and white, sexy aquatic flightless bird.
  3. A rich guy who wears a tux whose ass must be kicked.
  4. A penguin is one of the two magical creatures of Earth. They are extremely skilled at martial arts and are reliable agents of espionage. Penguins can traverse quickly through the water and are unaffected by sub-arctic temperatures. Penguins claim to be the original pioneers of space travel.

Nat’s Definition:

  • A cute flightless bird that Steve wants to house in our freezer.
  • The evil enemy of Batman who had such ingenious plans as killing his enemies by burning them with a magnifying glass!
  • Quite a stylish men’s clothing line – put has the potential to be a bit chav!
  • the best chocolate biscuit in the world! Must go p. . .p . . .p . . . pick one up!

Anyone have their own variations?


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