Posted by: Natalie | February 18, 2010

Over Analytical? Moi?

The lovely Caroline of Second Hand Shopper (see links) recently wrote a blog post suggesting that we girls may over analyse things. No. Never. Not us!

Last week, I posted that I had sent off my first submissions. I actually sent them to two agents on Friday last. So, yesterday, when I saw my SAE lying on the door mat I got a small lump in my throat. How bad could my submission have been for it to be returned so quickly? Did it mean that they were blown away by my work? Why are the corners quite so battered? Why is it back so soon?

I didn’t think these things. Nope. I picked up the envelope and I admit, I sat and just looked at it for a few moments. When I eventually got around to opening it I found my submissions in pristine condition (They haven’t even thumbed through the pages? Was it the wrong print size? font? The plastic covers I put the submissions in?), with a compliments slip from Author Literary Agents, London. A compliments slip. God how awful was my letter? Did I write something offensive or critical? Did I definitely put my letter into the envelope?

Nope. No panic. Cool as a cucumber.

The slip read,

“Many thanks for offering your representation to our agency but we are fully booked. Please don’t be discouraged. The form of your submission is fine and other agents are well worth trying. Best wishes.”

Phew! Ok, so that feels fine. Its just . . . I phoned them, I read their website over and over. No one and nothing told me they were fully booked, did they do this to laugh at me? Are they just lying to me to save my feelings? This is a typed note, they must just send it out to everyone! And what does the word ‘fine’ mean? ‘Fine’?! That’s like saying ‘nice’! How is that supposed to help me? Its so nondescript! Please, describe ‘fine’ for me!

Strangely, none of these irrational questions popped into my mind – none of them! Normally, I would tie myself in knots asking question after question to myself, loosing sight of what has actually been said. But it’s not a rejection is it, they are full. Maybe these questions are loitering in the darkness waiting for that first stomach punch!

So today’s task is to post off to another agent! I am actually quite excited about the prospect, thumbing down the list, going through their websites again. I like the feeling of finding someone/somewhere that fits my work and my personality! Lets just keep our fingers crossed!




  1. There, there…

    Life is terribly congested. Have you seen the book shops. Books back to back. As far as I’m concerned some of the talent put on those shelves is grossly overrated.

    Be better, be different; insistent and strange.

    Good talent is sometimes rejected because it is ignored.

    Best to you

    • What a lovely message! I am going to keep this so that when I have a really bad writing day and a sudden attack of ‘I can’t do this’ I have some kind, warm words to cheer me on!

      Thank you so much.

      Natalie x

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