Posted by: Natalie | February 17, 2010

Word of the Day

Because I’m feeling fizzy . . .


Word Origins: Sherbet originally comes from an Arabic verb for drinking, shariba. It was believed that the ‘sh’ noise related directly to the noise made when drinking. This was also the same for the Arabic word sharbat, meaning drinks, which came to England via Turkey in the 17th Century, turning up here as the word ‘sherbet’. This referred to a Middle Eastern drink made from snow!! However, sharbat also came into our country a second time, this time via Italy and turned up as the still, much used word, ‘sorbet’. The modern meaning of sherbet with regards to fizzy drinks and sweets, did not come into use until the 19th Century.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. Australian slang, nmeaning a beer. Derived from the frothy head of a newly poured glass of beer.
  2. A delicious, frozen, fruity treat.
  3. A gay man.

Nat’s Definition:

  • When everything around you feels happy and yellow.
  • Sweet white powder that froths in the mouth when you eat too much in one go – makes you look a little bit like you’ve got rabies!
  • Sweets that make your mouth tingle and fizzy drinks explode.
  • A type of confectionery that should NEVER be fed to birds.

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