Posted by: Natalie | February 12, 2010

Word of the Day

Today’s word is . . .


Word Origins: Nausea strangely comes from the word noise, which itself actually started life meaning ‘sickness’. The initial origins are Greek, specifically meaning seasickness, the word naus meaning ‘ship’. This transferred to Latin (sickness) and in turn to English, mutating the meaning slightly to refer to disorientation and confusion that was experienced when sailing. In Old French the word became ‘noise’ to describe ‘quarrelling’ rather than sickness, but to us, the word ‘noise’ has evolved into its own meaning, while ‘nausea’ maintains it’s original Latin origin.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. Nausea is a feeling as if you’re about to vomit. Vomiting usually relieves this feeling. Nausea is not self-induced like vomiting sometimes is. Nausea is your body’s response in saying “I don’t like whats in my stomach.
  2. A nasty feeling that usually leads to vomiting. This feeling sends an unusual taste through the mouth causing it to water and results in a look of disgust.

Nat’s Definition:

  • The feeling of unsteadiness and weakness caused by doing something that scares me!
  • Feeling sick from eating way too much junk food when left alone for a night.
  • The nervous feeling experienced when talking in front of large groups of peers, staff meetings etc.
  • The anxiety experienced on putting my life’s ambition in someone else’s hands!

Feel free to add your own in the comments!


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