Posted by: Natalie | February 9, 2010


Hey.  This is a blog by Nat.

I am a primary school teacher by trade but currently taking some time out. I’m sure some of the finer details as to why will unwillingly unfold into some of these pages, but essentially, it was time in which to indulge my vanity! I want to be an author – not just any author, a children’s author!  So, I work from home, enjoying the delights that day time tv (particularly the Gilmore Girls) can offer, and spending my time as I choose, working from project to project.

This blog is designed to be a tool for myself.  Some days it takes time to warm up the typing fingers and the creative juices flowing, so I thought I would blog! My aim is to talk about my attempts to become a published writer but, more often than not, I would imagine you will be reading an odd assortment of thoughts and experiences.

Any other budding authors out there? I would love to hear about your experiences and any advice you could give. Likewise, I am very willing to share any teeny pearls that I may have in store!

Hope your day is shiny!



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