Posted by: Natalie | April 17, 2012

If Money Were No Object: An Alice Themed Wedding

You may be seeing more of these book inspired wedding-posts over the coming weeks. Not content with planning my own marvellous day, I can’t help but design fantasy days for some of my favourite literary characters! It may be said that I have too much time on my hands, it could also be suggested that I am a little tapped. Either way, I don’t care. The ladies out there can’t tell me they have not, at some point, made similar fantastical deliberations over lace or┬átulle? Silk or satin? Red or white roses? Mad Hatter or March Hare? Ok, maybe just me then.

But I could be Alice on her big day, perhaps these are just a few little pieces I might choose . . .


  1. Love the quirkiness of an Alice themed wedding!… Do you think you might slip any of these ideas into your own Big Day? You’ve got to have a bookish twist in there somewhere after all!…

  2. Oh I’d absolutely love to!! Just not sure how yet, thinking on some booky themed decs though . . . we shall see what creative juices flow! I did think about somehow reigning in some flamingoes to play croquet with or maybe hire a walrus for the day?!

    Thank you for commenting!

    Nat xx

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